has a great article of encouragmentit includes our

own Michelle Fischbach, of Minnesota. 


Pro-Life Women Win Massive Victories in Congress, Double Their Numbers in the House



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 Friendship & Esteem


   & Patriotism



     Honor &   Service


We are here to:

Encourage, Educate,Empower, & Engage

      Our Mission -

To engage, educate and empower women from all age groups and walks of life to be key players at the political table on national, state and local issues. 

As a member you have the opportunity to make a difference in elections, debate the issues facing us today and meet many women across Minnesota who share your conservative Republican values.  Welcome!

MINNESOTA Family Council's

Voter Guide 2020

They've done a great job!

Local, state & national

MFC logo.png

Conservative News Sources and Apps:

We are all looking for them now.  Censored, de-monitzed, and blocked on main stream media and social media many Conservatives are switching to other media sources to get news and information.  Below are some alternatives and a link to a list of suggested sources and people to follow or subscribe to from some of our members. S


Parler (Alt. to Twitter)      

Rumble (alt. to YouTube)


Conservative News app


Next Meeting:

Saturday, December 19, 2020

gather 8:30 AM

Start: 9:00 Am - 11:00 AM 

Annual Christmas Party!!

Location: 670 Hahn Dr., Shakopee, MN (Large indoor space)


Stars &/or Stripes

**White Elf-ant gift exchange**


**CAP Food shelf donations**

(See full details in the flyer).




Membership Renewal is Here!!

Please bring $$ or Check for 2021 dues


​​​​​Last Meeting:

​Topic:  Thankfulness, even in 2020

Guest Speaker:  Pastor Matt Clausen, Friendship church,  Prior Lake and Shakopee

It's a great time to get together and support one another - no matter the outcome of elections.  Thankfulness is a daily gift to open.

Did you know that we've set up a YouTube channel for SWCRW? 

you can subscribe and see our club videos as they come out


We tweet now too!



For members only:

NFRW presents, Monthly Briefing

Rabbi Aryeh Spero

Election 2020: What We Need To Do


October 27,7:00 PM (CT)

This is a Zoom event

SWCRW Members can Register Here

We encourage our members to write letters to the editor (LTEs) to engage and let our conservative voices be heard.  Our next LTE is by Alexandra the title is, "Trump's Not Perfect But At Least He's Coherent"- paid letter.  We hope you enjoy it and are inspired to write one yourself. 

Below is a link to the currently published letter on SWNewMedia, "Biden Refuses To Answer A Key Question", by Alexandra as well.

Where do we meet? (Usually)
Prior Lake City Hall                            
(Currently closed)
Check back monthly
When: 3rd Saturday of each month

Lynn Spieker gives a history lesson on the true difference between the major political parties.  How does each party stand on Race and Rights?  Which one supports Equal protections under the law for all Americans?  It might surprise you.  First published Oct. 3, 2020 in the Prior Lake American.

Legislative Directory 2019

Great Resource to get to know and contact each MN Legislator

Counties we include:

MN Political Contribution Refund Program  is BACK!!

That means that individuals can donate $50.00 and married couples $100.00 and get a full refund from the state of MN when they donate to the state party or MN candidate for office.

How easy is that!?!  What a great opportunity to keep up the MNGOP momentum!  Click the link for all the details.  It worked for me!

Our club meetings are always FREE  and open to the public.  Although we are a women's club, we appreciate men too. Everyone is welcome!

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