The Mission of SW Conservative Republican Women:

To engage, educate and empower women from all age groups and walks of life to be key players at the political table on national, state and local issues. 

As a member you have the opportunity to make a difference in elections, debate the issues facing us today and meet many women across Minnesota who share your conservative Republican values.  Welcome!

Looking for some great movies that address today's issues from a Conservative perspective?

Here are three really thoughtful ones to try:

        in His Own Words (Oct. 2020)

Watch them with your family and friends. 

We can't ignore the issues of race and

"white privilege".  We have to be able to

thoughtfully respond and engage. 

This could be the first step.

MN  law makers are taking a stand for election integrity.  The liberal press may not see it that way - but we do!

Read about in the Star Tribune: 


A Picture is Worth 1,000 Words

(or in this case, a chart or three) 

MN Republican Caucus process explained





Election schedule





Internal election process





Go ahead and take a look and maybe start to understand this convoluted process for the first time

(Special thanks to SK for her great work on this!)

A slide 1.PNG
A slide 2 caucus.PNG
A slide 3 interparty.PNG

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Next Meeting:

Saturday, April 17, 2021

gather 8:30 AM

Start: 9:00 AM - 11:00 AM 

Speaker:  Brian Gibson, Executive Director or Pro-Life Action Ministries

Topic: What challenges are coming to religious and Pro Life organizations from the LBGTQ community and "Equality" Act (HR5)

New Location: In  Person

Spring Lake Township Hall,

20381 Fairlawn Ave.

Prior Lake, MN  55372



You can also us join on zoom








March Club Meeting

Speaker:  CC Davis, Blexit MN Director

Topic:  Do YOU know what Blexit MN is?  You can learn all about it and hear CC's story and how you can be a part of the Blexit movement  too. 

Members: Reminder

April 17

Annual Meeting

Election of officers, bylaw amendments, and elect delegates and alternates to the MFRW Biennial Convention in October


​​​New Membership & Renewal is Now!

Please bring cash or a check for 2021 dues!

Letters to the Editor

We encourage writing letters to the editors of our local newspapers. Examples of letters our members have written are below.

In "Parents Beware of Sex Education Bill", Annette Thompson warns of the hidden dangers in the Minnesota Comprehensive Sex Education Bill HF 358. Published March 27, 2021.

On March 6, 2021 Alexandra Matyja's "Election Outcome Was Fortified" was published in the Prior Lake American and sheds light on an article in Time regarding the 2020 election.  She encourages voters to investigate the facts. 

Here is a link to the recently published letter on SWNewMedia, "Biden Refuses To Answer A Key Question", by Alexandra as well.  This Letter to the Editor was published in the Prior Lake American in Oct. 2020

In this letter Rita Hillmann- Olson discusses Social Justice - what it means and how to go about achieving it. She outlines the bottom - up or top-down approaches for us. It was originally published in June 2019 in the Faribault Daily News.

FYI: Our club meetings are always FREE  and open to the public.  Although we are a women's club, we appreciate men too. Everyone is welcome!

Legislative Directory 2019

Great Resource to get to know and contact each MN Legislator

Counties we include:


We are here to:

Encourage, Educate,Empower, & Engage

The MN Political Contribution Refund Program is back

That means that individuals can donate $50.00 and married couples $100.00 and get a full refund from the state of MN when they donate to the state party or MN candidate for office. What a great opportunity to keep up the MNGOP momentum!  (And it's so easy!)  

Get the details on the MN Political Contribution Refund Program HERE

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Oct. 2018 Meeting

October 2018 Club meeting with Jason Lewis and candidate Jason Arras for Sheriff