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But what can I do?  I'm glad you asked -  click on the link for a list of engagement activities:

     Hillsdale College
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Currently offered:


  • The Presidency and the Constitution
  • Constitution 101: the Meaning & History of the Constitution
  • Economics 101: the Principles of Free Market Economics
  • and more

Now that the 2021 legislative session is up and running, make sure to subscribe to Capitol Watch, our weekly newsletter reporting on the most important happenings in St. Paul. Capitol Watch features:

  • Inside information – tips, rumors and analysis that you won’t hear anywhere else.

  • Facts and data – cutting through the talking points and b.s.

  • Fun – quizzes, polls, Golden Turkey nominees, outrageous statements, terrible bill ideas. 


Meet the

"American Majority"

"We are helping put in place the nation’s new, conservative grassroots political infrastructure. American Majority uses cutting-edge training and technology to empower individuals and groups with the most effective tools for promoting liberty through limited government"

On their website you'll find: 

  • Campaign and Activist toolbox

  • Webinars and recordings

  • Ned Ryun podcast

  • and more

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Minnesota Family Council (MFC)
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A Non-partisan, grassroots, Christian organization dedicated to strengthening our families. What do they do?  Political involvement as ministry, current legislative issues and advocacy, information for parents and educators.  SO MUCH MORE!



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Did you know?

The Republicans in the MN House of Representatives have their own FaceBook page?  Worth a look!

    Heritage Action for America


Growing the conservative movement with Project 2020

Become a Sentinel and participate in Sentinel Strategy calls, Activist Training, ​

Activist Resources, Exclusive capital hill updates, and an online community

This is, truly, a way to take action and make an impact.  Not only are you up to date on the issues but you are given statagies and tools to make a real impact on legislation happening NOW. 

Please check out their website at 

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MN Legislative Directory for  2019.  What a valuable tool for contacting and learning about the incoming Representatives and Senators.  Pictures, bios, contact information... it's all here for you to be able to use. 

Legislative Directory

Class of 2019 - 2020:

Family Policy Alliance, feminist group Women’s Liberation Front (WoLF), our friends at D.C.-based The Heritage Foundation, our allied state organization Minnesota Family Council, and two parent groups have colaborrated to help people who have children or loved ones struggling with gender confusion, to release the first-ever Gender Resource Guide for parents on how to navigate the transgender issue with their children.

 MN Congressional Weeks  

                in Review


Here's an interesting site.  Wonder which way it leans?

MN Budget Resources

Minnesota Legislative Reference Library present the state budget process with links on current topics of interest compiling laws and statutes that apply.

ie. conceal carry laws, immigrants in MN, Charter schools etc.

Citizens for Accountability in Government - a Prior Lake Grassroots org. that may be something you can become involved in as a conservative.

U.S. Senate Legislative Calendar


U.S. House of Representatives Legislative Calendar


Legislative Evaluation Assembly of Minnesota (LEA)

              A non-partisan and non-profit                             organization, established to inform the citizens of Minnesota of both important legislation and the voting performance of each Minnesota state legislator. LEA bases its evaluation on our declared American founding principles of self-evident truths and inalienable rights. These principles provide a basis for a constitutionally limited government established to sustain life, liberty, justice, property rights and free enterprise.


     Young Republicans



​Keep up to date on local events -

MN  GOP  Links Updates & News

Did you know that your
(Basic Political Organizational Unit)

has a Monthly Mtg.?
The MNGOP website includes a calendar for these grassroots precinct meetings where you can be involved in the elections process and meet other republicans 
If you don't know which one  or when  You can find your precinct/senate district(SD) or Congressional district (CD) on

the Secretary of State's website under the "Elections and Voting" tab. Use the "Find your polling place" tool. 

MN Senate Updates, News, Links & Legislaive Calendar

MN House of Representatives Legislative Calendar


Minnesotan Advocates and Champions for Children (MACC)


If you want to know more see their website



FB too


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Minnesota Voter Alliance (MVA)

 A non-partisan organization that is dedicated to engaging more voters (from all walks of life) in the election process, strengthening our elections, preventing voter fraud, and providing education on various election related bills that pertain to voting and voting rights.

Please check out their website - it has great resources and ways to get involved.